Water and Fire Damage Repair at Highlander Construction, Inc.

Have you encountered an emergency situation with an overflowing faucet/toilet? Has your kitchen suffered a small fire. Did some water from the piping of the building is caused a major flood around the office? If so, then it might be time to call someone to repair that water or fire damage, specifically Highlander Construction, Inc..

Our remodeling company has services that range from many different types of residential remodeling. From bathrooms to kitchen remodeling, we'll be able to tackle on any damage in any location of the building. Water damage should not be the defining factor of your building when you invite guests/potential clients in. Your home should not continue to suffer after a fire. Let's take care of it and restore your building to the pristine condition it was in.

Contact Highlander Construction, Inc. in Tulsa, OK for water damage repair, fire damage repair, remodeling and more. Don’t let the damage define your home. 

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